Started to Plan the Party

It is pretty obvious that Delilah is at a very difficult age, where she is a child that is coming rapidly towards adulthood. At any rate it is really hard dealing with her, there is a word for the way she acts of late. It is not a nice word, and certainly not one you would want to use for your beloved daughter. At any rate it is obvious what she wants, she told us and showed us some chokers that really cost a lot more than she could have expected us to pay, However she can get the ones that do not have pearls or diamonds, but rhinestone chokers instead. That is certainly expensive enough for a girl who is her age and does not have a trust fund. The rest of it is a lot more difficult to figure out. Most of all she wants to have a party where a bunch of boys come to pay a lot of attention to her and where her parents and other adults are not heard nor seen. That really is not in the cards.

We are trying to figure out if we can afford a DJ who is not going to be lame. Her cousin tried to convince us that he is a good enough DJ and quoted us a price that seemed pretty ridiculous. Of course if we believed what he told us, then the price would probably be pretty reasonable for the service. It would be really bad if it turned out that he is not as good as he needed to be. You have to be a fool if you believe anything a 12 year old boy tells you, so we let him have a tryout in front of Delilah and her friends, it did not impress them very much.