Remember That It Doesn’t Matter

The pay day loan business is a ridiculous concept that takes advantage of people who are struggling. I’ve never liked them and consider them to be a blight on our culture. It’s time to do something about the individuals who are running things. I have been using this fake pay stub generator for several weeks now with no problem. Providing false information, a false identification and a few other tricks to help cover my tracks has allowed me to take nearly $10,000 from them. Is it morally wrong? It might be but does it matter? When it comes to questioning morality I think that in itself is the most important one to ask; whether it matters or not.

If an act has a negative impact on the every day person or good people then I can consider it to be immoral. However, if that act is only harming those that have done the same to culture and society then it doesn’t matter whether we do it or not. It’s not moral to do so, no. It’s not immoral, either. It’s very easy to justify this kind of action. Even if you keep the money for yourself I would say it’s completely fine.

Maybe you don’t feel the same about it. That’s fine. That’s what I mean by, ‘it doesn’t matter’. They’re such a shady company that any negative action against them has no bearing on society as a whole. It doesn’t harm good people, it doesn’t harm people in general and so is open to an attack within this context. They’ll always have money. They’ll continue preying on people who don’t have money. Until either of these facts changes they will continue to bring harm to culture. Do as you will with this generator, I don’t approve nor support any action, but remember; none of it matters.