I Have Been Working Bachelor Parties on the Side

The last time that I was really a bartender was while I was in college. There were tons of bars within walking distance of campus and they liked me because I was big enough that people usually did not get drunk enough to want to start stuff. At any rate I have a decent job on the Vegas strip now, but I ran into a girl I knew back then. She was the hottest girl I knew in school and she started to make money from stripping. She seems to have gotten involved with the blonde escorts in las vegas, but she stops after she takes her clothes off. By no means am I an expert on the subject, but she puts on an amazing show. It is a lot more than a hot girl taking off her clothes, she invests a lot of effort into perfecting it and thinks of it as art. Big parts of the year she seems to go on tour with some other top flight dancers, but she also works these sorts of events.

She and some other girls apparently arrange the entire thing. They have the use of a huge place in the desert where guys can act stupid and be as loud as they want, there are no neighbors to call the police on them.They arrange for security, guys that make me look small and guys who know that they are not supposed to start bashing drunken idiots unless that is the only option left. Those guys gave me this thing for wacking fools and told me that if it came down to it, I should use it if I had to and only if I had to. They paid me in cash to do the bartending and that was how they got me. Of course a lot of it was in one dollar bills.