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Benefits you Get from Web Hosting You have to know that by creating a website for your business, you will get a lot of benefits but before you can create a website, you will need help from web hosting. Web hosting will determine how useful your website is going to be because it web content and everything in your website will all be in the hands of the web hosting service. There are two big groups that these hosting providers are divided into, the free web hosts and the shared ones. But actually you also have to know that most free web hosts are not actually free at all, it is a term used differently. They just call it free because you will not be spending money to get their service at all, all you have to do is offer your website as a place that the web hosting can put their advertisement after the service. Website owners may use their home page as a page that will contain personal information or a small web resource where he or she can put information about a certain hot topic. Most of the people are satisfied with free web hosting service already. You have to know that some websites will also have different types like being an information portal. And if you use that type of website or even a sit for your company, you should really think about getting shared web hosting.
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Different between the two – free and shared web hosting
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You will have to know that free web hosting will just be asking a simple thing after their service and that is to use your website as a base for their ads and pop-ups or banners. Pop-ups and banners can be pretty annoying for some people that will be visiting your website and that is the disadvantage that free web hosting will cause. Like any website owner, he or she will certainly with to have more website visitors and also getting them to visit your website regularly. You want them to visit every day or even every week, you want these people to love your website but with advertisements in it, it will be hard and that is why you have to choose shared web hosting. Make sure to use shared web hosting. A lot of people say a lot of lies about shared hosting being expensive, with the hopes of losing followers. They will not be too expensive, it will only depend on the type of service that you want for your web resource which is fair, ranging from 1-50 dollars a month. Plus they will not be putting ads on your website, no banners or pop-ups so this means you will not suffer the disadvantage from the free web hosting so that would mean you get to have regular visitors for sure.