An Extra Layer of Home Protection

When I told my son that I got a security system, he was immediately concerned. I know he worries about me, which is one of the reasons I did that initial search for Nashville ADT. I wanted him to know that I take his concerns seriously. Straight away, he thought that crime had been a bigger problem closer to my home. I was happy to tell him that nothing had happened like a home invasion or even a juvenile prank like graffiti. What did happen is that someone came and talked with us at the senior center about various things, including security systems.

Most older people can remember a time when we left doors unlocked. If someone came in, we knew that it was a friend of one of the children’s or a friend of ours stopping in for gossip and cake. Nowadays, you would have to be foolish to leave your doors unlocked, and that is one thing that no one has ever accused me of being. I was naive though in thinking that a locked door was enough. The expert that talked with us gave us some pretty frightening stats and scenarios, and I knew that I wanted to do more to protect myself.

The expert had suggested ADT as one of the leading security system companies, and I did some independent research on them. I was impressed with what I read, and I contacted the customer service department with a few questions. I just wanted to make sure I was not missing anything in the fine print, which I wasn’t. Everything that was shown on their website was exactly as stated and I had my own security system installed within days. Once I calmed my son down, he was beyond happy that I had this extra layer of protection added.