A Rebound with Anfisa and Vera

One of my favorite hobbies in life is playing chess. I have been playing it since I was a little boy. I always loved the trill of competing against my opponents and beating them. There have not been many people who could beat me in chess. My parents realized at an early age that I had a special talent. I competed in many tournaments and won. I was so good that I made a lot of money from them. Recently, I lost a tournament in Russia and I was depressed. I needed escorts in salt lake city to ease the pain of losing.

While I was in Russia, I thought I was ready for the competition. I got a good night rest before the match and I thought that I would win. One the day of the tournament, I went to a restaurant and met two Russian woman. I thought that they were very beautiful. I tried to flirt with the beautiful ladies. I tried my best, but they did not take kindly to me. I was so embarrassed. My attempts were in vain. They laughed in mockingly in my face and walked away. That rejection really destroyed my self-esteem. I think that might be what caused me to lose the tournament. I needed to get my confidence back.

I decided to contact an Russian escort agency in my home city of Las Vegas. The website was very user friendly. The prices were very affordable to me. I saw the pictures of Russian beauties on the page. I saw pictures of two women named Anisa and Vera. They were hot. I contacted them immediately to set up a date.

Anfisa and Vera met me at my favorite restaurant. They were everything that I expected. They were so nice and kind to me. I felt my confidence coming back to me.